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Local by Chuimedia is an all-in-one marketing solution that combines easy-to-use technology, customisable rewards and promotions powered by bespoke automation that drives revenue growth.

We empower medium to large B2C businesses by helping them deliver amazing customer experiences across their owned channels to Attract, Convert, and Retain more customers at scale.

Skyrocket your profits

Send unique messages that adapt to each customer visit and spend behaviour to encourage increased visits.

Control and Connect

Control your destiny. Grow and sell to your own customer database on autopilot.

Delight your customers

Engage customers, maximise lifetime value and drive referrals by sending the right rewards to the right customer at the right time.

Grow and show brand trust

Use your existing customers to build customer confidence and power your business forward.

Guaranteed Returns

Our revenue model drives motivated customers to back your stores (online or offline) without charging for clicks and impressions. You only pay a small fee when a sale happens.

Why Chui local

business challenges we want to help you solve

Rising costs of marketing - With the age of social distancing, more and more Kenyans are consuming digital content through digital channels. This has seen a huge surge in demand from many offline advertisers moving to online digital advertising and online delivery services. Which has driven marketing costs.

Online Reputation - With the rise of digital marketing and social media, losing your customers to poor customer service happens faster than you can blink. Plus, today your customers demand more meaning connections with your brand that goes far beyond your goods and services.

High Attrition Rate - Customer attrition or churn is a major reason why most businesses go out of business. Focusing purely on new customers acquisition raises your attrition rate and ultimately becomes an unviable way to grows your business.

Delivery Services - With commissions fees as high as 30% on gross sales, relying on delivery services (especially when servicing existing customers) is the hugest mistake we are seeing business make right now.

Social Distancing - Fewer walk-ins and limited space mean your business has to adapt to taking orders online ordering or via the phone.

Marketing priority - Juggling multiple tasks mean you're not spending enough time on perfecting your marketing strategies which are slowing your potential.

Marketing Attribution - Not knowing how well your marketing is working means your wasting money on ineffective marketing that does your business more harm than good.

Why Retention Marketing

Unlocking revenue growth with retention


Did You Know?
60% of new customers never return after their first visit and cost up to 8X more to acquire?

Customer retention refers to a company’s ability to keep its customers.

Retention marketing focuses on your driving more revenue and referrals from your existing customers

Did You Know?
Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase company revenue by between 25 and 95%

WHy ReTENTION matters

Your existing customers are your most valuable asset. Engage with them in the right ways, and they’re significantly more likely to spend more, buy more, and recommend your brand to others.

Did You Know?
Amazon has a 90% customer retention.

Imagine how exponentially your business would grow if, in addition to acquiring new customers, you retained 90% of them.

BENEFITS of retention marketing

The real currency of any retention marketing program lies in its ability to drive changes in consumer behaviour.
Upselling opportunities
Your existing customers are 50% more likely than new customers to try new products.
New customer acquisition
Your existing customers are 5x more likely to refer and bring in higher quality new customers than digital ads.
Repeat purchases
Second-time customers are 2.5x more likely than first-time customers to buy again.
Increased revenue
80% of your revenue comes from repeat customers and not new acquisition which increases lifetime value.
Profitable growth
It’s 5x cheaper to satisfy and retain current customers than acquire new ones.
Put simply...

Every retention program should satisfy 3 key goals: Increased frequency (visits/purchases), Increased Spending and Affinity (referrals/shares)


It’s not a business priority
Too often, existing customers are forgotten until it’s time to upsell, by which point they’re completely disengaged and prime targets for poaching by the competition.
Unsustainable welcome offers
Steep discounting is not a viable way to grow a business. They attract the wrong customers who shop once and never return.
Lack of customer insights
We’ve all been there. We get a message from a brand and it’s totally irrelevant. At best, it’s annoying. At worst, it can actively deter your customers from ever returning.
Insufficient customer feedback
How confident are you that your product and/or service make customers happy? Do you know how you can improve it to better meet their needs?
Lack of tools
Effective customer engagement relies on delivering highly targeted, personalised campaigns to customer segments in real-time. And that requires the right tools
It’s understandable why many businesses focus on new business, its a requirement for growth.

However, it makes sense, as your business grows, to spend more time and effort on retaining your existing customers to avoid high customer churn.
How it works

So we know we want to get our customers to coming more often, spend more money and tell their friends how awesome we are — but how does Local help us?


REINFORCEMENT is the basic idea that your customer's behaviour which is followed by a reward (positive reinforcer) is more likely to reoccur.

The Local retention engine runs (fixed interval reinforcement schedules) to deliver surprise rewards which can result in huge boosts to loyalty and retention.

This is an effective strategy to deliver unpublished reinforcement to customers that may be half-way between elite-status-tiers and may also spur customers to accelerate their spending to reach higher tiers.

By delivering a set of surprise rewards to your customers in return for specified behaviours (eg. purchases /frequency/spend/shares) you can encourage your customers to keep engaging in those desired behaviours.

The challenge is to design the right reinforcement schedule.

Rewarding too often can result in excessive marketing costs and end up less meaningful to customers.

On the other hand, failing to reward your customers results in lower brand engagement


Behavioural Potential is a function of Expectancy & Reinforcement Value.

It’s easy to see how reinforcement can encourage repeat behaviour — but how do we get potential customers to engage with your program in the first instance?

To ensure that customers engage in the behaviours that you want them to — first make sure that the rewards that you offer are both achievable AND desirable.

our 6 step approach to creating memorable programs


Tell us your goals

Our team dives deep to understand your business long and short term goals and assess if local is a fit for your business.


Set up rewards

Our customer success team helps you craft a digital rewards program based on your goals that reward your customers’ based on certain triggered behaviour.


Launch your program

Your customers easily sign up when they pay with their MPESA helping turn every transaction into a relationship.


Send Rewards

Our retention engine automatically sends your customers text messages that bring them back more effectively than other marketing tools.


Customers Redeem

It’s easy for you and your team to redeem customers’ rewards which are automatically tracked and reported in realtime.


Grow your business

Monitor your return on investment in real-time on your local dashboard. Watch your promotions and rewards work together to bring your customers back and increase your revenue.

Unlock customer insights to grow your business faster

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Wherever your customers' journey is with your business, Local helps you engage and retain them for longer.


Grow your business with referrals and online reputation.

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Drive more visits and orders with personalised offers

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sending your customers targeted offers on autopilot.

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Order management

Take back control of your sales process and stop losing your existing customers to third-party services

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Tracking & Attribution

No more guesswork, no more wasting time with manual reporting.

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You'll love how Local saves you time by intelligently delivering hundreds of personalised rewards and promotions to your consumers that are effective and measurable.


You'll love how Local intelligently works towards achieving your marketing KPIs with valuable insights to help improve your strategies and budget allocation.


You'll love being able to increase profit margins for your agency by deliver clients' growth targets that helps keep them longer. Partner with us today.


You'll love seeing the companies you're involved with increase revenue and yearly growth while retaining customers with powerful retention marketing.

About Local

Local is a Retention Marketing Platform powered by Chuimedia Ltd. An ROI Focused Digital Marketing Agency.

Samuel Gachui

Founder / Head Consultant @ Chuimedia ltd

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