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Retention challenges
Focus on acquisition
Staying in touch with your customer while implementing a year-long retention strategy is the first step towards retaining customers. The challenge here is most business owners and marketers are too focused on acquiring new customers that retention is missed or partly implemented.
Neglecting Customer Service
Many companies think having a customer service team is a burden and is an unnecessary expense. So they hire representatives with little or no experience to cut costs. They fail to understand the long-term benefit of quality customer service and therefore, lose customers.
Lack of Segmentation
Many companies don’t bother to properly segment their customer base. Without proper segmentation, your marketing fails to understand your customers’ individual needs, wants, and desires.

SOLUTION: Automation by Chui

Our retention engine is the tool at the heart of local, sending your customers the targeted offers they’ll love—totally automatically.

Local automatically sends short promotional messages (under 160 characters) based on critical moments in your customer’s journey

We designed the retention engine explicitly for the needs of small to medium businesses to deliver the perfectly-timed nudges that get customers coming back and spending more.

Retention Triggers
The retention engine works on a series of 7 triggers based on critical moments your customer’s journey, like a first-time visit, or if they’re at risk for not coming back.
Best of all, it works fully on autopilot once it’s up and running, keeping track of your customers and their rewards so you don’t have to.
1. First visit Campaigns
Over 60% of new customers don’t come back after their first visit, but an extra reward can cut that number significantly
First Visit

The First Visit campaign is sent 24 hours after A NEW customer transacts with a business for the first time.
2. Growth Campaigns
Growth campaigns will motivate customers to spend and visit more by offering gifts and discounts on orders above given order thresholds based on Customer behaviour.
Growth (Spend)
This offer is intended to motivate REGULAR customers whose spend is lower than average but visits frequently to spend more.
Growth (Visit)
This offer is intended to motivate REGULAR customers whose average spend is greater than average but visit frequency is lower than average to visit more.
Growth (Reward)
This offer is intended to thank your LOYAL customers for visiting and spending frequently.
3. Winback Campaigns
Winback campaigns are designed to re-engage and bring back your inactive customers
This reward target your “at-risk” customers who have not visited or transacted your business in 15, 30, or 45 days.
This reward/offer is sent to the customer who hasn’t visited your business in 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, or 150 days.
The Lost campaign reaches out to customers who haven’t been back in 180, 270, or 365 days.
Tracking results
Through your dashboard, you’ll always have access to intuitively organized and easily navigable insights on how your marketing program is performing, on both a big-picture and a granular level.
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