Order Management

Easily manage your delivery orders and stop losing your existing customers

In the age of social distancing, companies must now adapt to delivering goods to their clients

However, there some traps you need to avoid - especially when servicing your existing customers.

Self-managed Order Challenges

Lack of tools
Orders are difficult to manage if you don't have a centralised location - With customers calling or requesting orders from multiple sources like social media and messenger apps like WhatsApp - its tricky keeping track and communicating progress for each and every order.
Limited Staff
Because of social distancing, sales volumes are low and businesses have limited staff which puts a strain on customer service if most customers are ordering via phone or online portal.
Pick up confusion
When customers arrive, it’s common for them to wait longer than needed because the staff did not see the customer waiting.

Third Party Order Challenges

In the age of social distancing, we understand the need to use third-party delivery services to sell your services.

Lack of control
Under lockdown, the only way most businesses can operate is with limited space and delivery using third party services.

The challenge here is these third-party services have seized a bigger share of your revenue and customers at a time when they have no choice but work with them.

Simply, you have lost your leverage.
High fees
No matter how you look at it.

Paying up to 30% commission on gross revenue sales is not a sustainable business model when servicing existing customers.
Loss of asset
Your customers are your biggest asset - sending them to marketplaces to order from you is a recipe for disaster.

Giving away your hard-earned priced asset plus up to a 30% commission charge is just heading for financial ruin and should be prevented at all costs.
Data loss
Not only do you lose your customers, but you also arm these marketplaces with customer data which in today’s word, is more valuable than money.

Let’s face it, third-party services are here to stay and necessary in today’s world. However, here’s two ways to utilise them.

Delivering your goods
While it seems nice to see an order come through that you didn’t market or advertise for.

It’s much better to take control of the ordering process yourself and take advantage of the delivery network itself.

Acquiring new customers
With up to 30% in gross commission fees, this can be a fair price to pay to get a new customer into your business.

solution: order management by Chui

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