Customer Retention

Imagine if every person who transacted with your company for the first time paid you a return visit.

Getting new customers to try out your business is a good way to grow—but getting your existing customers to return and spend more is even better.

A customer loyalty program or rewards program is a retention marketing strategy that rewards customers who frequently engage with a brand.

By rewarding recurring engagement and spending habits, you can increase revenue and ensure continuous growth for your business.

Loyalty program challenges
Program Abandonment
Complexity is your enemy when it comes to loyalty programs. 54% of loyalty program members are inactive, according to the COLLOQUY Loyalty Census. In fact, more than one-quarter (28%) of members abandon a program before having ever even redeemed a point, or mile.
Program Engagement
Being part of a large loyalty network program can be really enticing for your consumer however, you run the risk of customers never redeeming any at your business if bigger brands form part of the network.
Program measurement
It's difficult to measure the direct impact of loyalty programs have on your business’s bottom line
Program Costs
Points-based loyalty programs create a new form of currency that brands must be prepared to account for (which many companies struggle with). Points are expensive to maintain and eat into margins because unclaimed rewards create a significant financial liability on a company’s balance sheet.

solution: RETENTION marketing by Chui

With our retention engine you’ll transform casual shoppers into regulars and regulars into VIP by sending personalized offers they can’t resist.

Supercharge your mobile database.
We use MPESA payments to turn every transaction into a relationship.

data import
Upload customer data from passed MPESA transactions to get your program going.

Customer Segmentention
Segment your customers to deliver your offers to special customer groups.

Setup Rewards
Set up rewards as unique as your business. Rewards can be anything your customers find valuable.

Offer Redemptions
It’s easy for your customers to redeem rewards. All they need is their phone number with an internet connection.

Program tracking
Track how your retention program is performing, from new revenue growth to rewards redeemed and more.

Drive Retention with relevant customer experiences

Stand out against the competition with intelligent lifecycle marketing automation

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